The Band

Nothing Personal delivers razor sharp, high energy entertainment.  Songs spanning every decade from the present day to the birth of rock and every mood from introspective alt to giddy pop to brash in-your-face rawk.  Nothing Personal will keep you moving and singing along. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry.  May be mildly addictive. Not street legal in some states. Caution: filling is hot. Avoid contact with eyes and skin and avoid inhaling fumes. Hey, it’s Nothing Personal!

Many fans have asked, and we continue to give gauzy answers as to our puzzling nom de groove. Here is one part of the story: Nobody in the band is new to band dynamics. Sometimes you reach a point where the band seem to be going in different directions. Inevitably, it ends with some phrase such as, “You know it’s nothing personal, right?” Well, there are few endeavors in life that are more personal than playing music together.

Nothing Personal is an absolute musical and personal BLAST to play in. We enjoy each other, and what we do. We hope that every ounce of energy we put into our craft, will flow out, for you to enjoy and make your own. If you feel something, say something… bring all your friends. Be part of our energy. We’re here for us, we’re here for the music, and we’re here for you.

Cortney Blake—Lead Vocals

Cortney grew up singing along to a diverse range of musical influences.  As a native of Chicagoland and student of life, she appreciates and identifies with the novel, under-appreciated, quirky and eccentric.. and let’s not forget, a bit of whimsy too! On any given day she may be trapezing through the air in an aerial yoga class, chaining across in a contra dance, trying her hand at a new skill, or being the muse for an artist’s next creation (and that was just last week!). Cortney believes music has the power to be a visceral, cathartic and evocative experience for both the performer and the listener, and it is her passion in being the catalyst as a vocal artist.

Jeff Phillips—Bass and Vocals

A man with actual degrees in music, Jeff hails from the Detroit area, where his music career began with large brass instruments. However, these didn’t go low enough (or loud enough), so he moved to 6-string bass guitar, which afford him considerably lower notes, although they DO restrict his marching. Oddly, Jeff was never in a rock and roll band until 2001, when he founded one. He’s had to play catch-up, and at last count, he regularly contributes his talents to four bands, minimum. A consummate multi-instrumentalist, Jeff feels that his singing and brass playing inform his melodic bass underpinnings. But he does miss marching.

Steve Ginensky—Guitar and Vocals

Steve was born at an early age and has been making noise ever since. Originally a classically trained pianist, Steve has been honing his guitar sound since the early 1970’s and believes he is “making progress”. When he’s not strapped to a piece of wood, Steve spends the bulk of his time barefoot and in a kitchen, but not for the traditional reasons. He also spends a lot of time in churches, but is not currently at liberty to divulge exactly why.

John Pasternack—Keyboards

John supplies what he refers to as “bread and butter” keyboards based on his upbringing with 60’s and 70’s classic rock and believes that the collection of vibe-y electric pianos and Hammond organ sounds of that time hold just as strong a place in the keyboard player’s arsenal today. John’s overall relationship to keyboards is best articulated by a favorite quote by keyboardist Rick Wakeman, (a major influence) which goes “When I die, I’ll probably climb out of the coffin and play the organ at my own funeral!”

Bob Hughes—Drums

Bob (with one “O”) was born in a house he helped his father build. As the man driving the bands’ rhythm section, Bob is a versatile percussionist with a style all his own. A native Hawaiian, Bob didn’t own shoes until he was 47 (editor’s note: he HAD shoes, they just weren’t his. It’s a long story). Bob enjoys counting to four and hitting things; two activities he must avoid at work.

Pete Dziadzka—Electric and Acoustic Guitars

From his early childhood with one ear constantly glued to a tinny AM transistor radio, music has always been at the center of Pete’s world. Honing his skills over the years in a variety of bands, Pete now adds his classic (and classical) perspective to Nothing Personal (among other bands playing in the area) with his innovative guitar work. His long hair is in no way an attempt to cover his ears; the glue marks are mostly gone now.